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Kurulus Osman Episode 119 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 119, After attacking Nayman’s headquarters, Osman goes to the forest and begins speaking to his squaddies. Turgut says that Mongolian squaddies will assault different Beys. Osman says that Nayman will watch for a while and begins to provide an explanation for his own attack plan.

Osman explains that it’s far a excellent time to take Inegol lower back and asks his squaddies to put together for the assault. Turgut starts searching out a way to go into Inegol. Olof says he will avenge Dan and keeps to look forward to the Emperor’s navy.

Nayman comes to the fortress and begins to inform what Osman did. Nayman learns that the Byzantine army is coming and asks Olof to attack the Turks cautiously. Cerkutay receives Osman’s secret message and learns that Turgut will come to the citadel soon.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 in Urdu

In Kurulus Osman Episode 119, Cerkutay tells Ulgen what she has to do. Oktem asks Osman what to do, however he does now not get an answer from him. Osman then sends his infantrymen to important locations round Yenisehir. Frigg says she will be able to kill Osman’s kids and starts offevolved to tell the whole thing she is aware of approximately the metropolis.

According to what Frigg said, Nayman makes a plan and asks Olof to kill the skilled Turkish infantrymen. Malhun calls Bengi to the mansion and asks her to talk to Frigg once more. Bengi does now not be given this plan at the start however soon adjustments her thoughts. Bayindir brings chests full of gold but says he needs extra money. Ismihan says she will be able to provide these boxes to Nayman and could try to preserve him busy for some time. Osman goes to speak to Ismihan and says that she should be a part of the military now.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 in English

Osman tells Ismihan that every one the choices she has made to date are incorrect and warns her for the ultimate time. Ismihan says she will be able to consider it and prepares to visit Inegol. Frigg attacks Bengi however stops when she hears what she has said. Bengi says she nevertheless wants to take revenge on Osman and asks Frigg to attack secretly.

Frigg accepts Bengi’s plan and sets out to assault Osman’s children. Olof starts offevolved to attack the Turks along with his infantrymen. Osman’s buddies shop the girls and youngsters within the village. Frigg enters the town like a service provider and begins searching out Osman’s sons.

Bala and Malhun forestall Frigg in a avenue. Frigg says she will kill the Turks and assaults. Bala in the end kills Frigg. Osman is going to his mansion and talks to the rescued innocent human beings. Shortly after, Bala arrives and tells anybody that she killed Frigg.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119

In Kurulus Osman Episode 119, Cerkutay neutralizes the guards and attempts to open the entrance to the name of the game tunnel. Turgut involves the fortress by using the usage of this tunnel with some of his soldiers. Osman starts offevolved to inform how he’ll attack Inegol that night. Sheikh and Oktem come to speak to Osman. Turgut enters the castle after a while and tells Cerkutay how to open the gate. Nayman exams the gold prepared with the aid of Ismihan and warns her harshly.

Olof brings the loot he has captured inside the village to the castle and starts speakme to the priestess. Sheikh congratulates Aktemur and says that other Alps must get married too. Osman says that they’ll hold Aktemur’s wedding after the conquest of Inegol.

The girls put together a rite for Alcicek. Osman prays with his soldiers the next morning and asks Allah for assist. Orhan says he’s going to protect the mansion and the city until his father returns.
Turgut and Cerkutay wear Byzantine uniforms. Cerkutay says Ulgen will help the ladies in. Bayindir studies the map of the citadel and begins to plot the way to escape at some stage in the battle. Malhun and the alternative girls prepare inside the wooded area to go into the fortress. Oktem prepares his squaddies and says he’s going to set out with them.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 in urdu and English

One of the lookouts at the partitions tells that Mongolian soldiers are drawing close. Oktem at once closes the gate of his fort and asks his archers to assault. While the Turks are protecting the fort, the Mongols wreck the door and start to go into.

Ismihan goes to Inegol and starts speakme to Olof. Ismihan asks Olof no longer to overlook the beyond. Olof says he doesn’t work for Ismihan anymore and doesn’t even see her as a friend. Ismihan warns Olof and is going to the courtyard to go away the fortress. Osman talks to his soldiers earlier than launching the large assault.
Osman says Cerkutay will open the gate of the fortress and asks his whole navy to be very cautious. Turks fight for a long term however lose the conflict. Nayman says he’s going to not kill Oktem and units out with him.

Ulgen is going lower back to the entrance of the name of the game tunnel and starts supporting the ladies. Malhun and Bala input the fortress in a short time. Cerkutay and Turgut secretly start to technique the doorway of the fortress.

While strolling across the courtyard with Ismihan, Olof sees Turgut and immediately attacks him. Cerkutay tries to open the door on my own but fails. Osman movements in the direction of the fortress together with his infantrymen, but cannot enter.

Cerkutay asks Ulgen to open the door right away. A top notch war starts inside the fortress. Ulgen opens the fort door, albeit with trouble, and the Turks enter. Ulgen then attempts to help Cerkutay. Ismihan chooses her aspect and assaults Olof’s soldiers. Malhun and the women kill the soldiers inside the citadel.

Boran sees that Cerkutay is injured and immediately calls Kumral. Abdal takes Cerkutay to a more secure vicinity. Osman sooner or later catches Olof and says he’ll execute him. Olof says that Osman can’t do whatever and could take his revenge on him soon. The Turks take Inegol lower back after a tough battle.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 Trailer

As Osman is about to execute Olof, he learns that the Mongols are drawing close. Nayman enters with Oktem. Nayman asks Osman at hand over Olof right away. Ismihan also tries to influence Osman.

Osman says he’s going to no longer show mercy to every body from now on. Oktem says he isn’t always terrified of death and offers Osman permission. Osman executes Olof, and shortly after Nayman kills Oktem.

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