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In Kurulus Osman Episode 132, story revolve around who will be the next Sultan after the death of Sultan Mesud.

Kurulus Osman Episode 132 Review

Previous episode start with a dream wherein Osman Ghazi’s son, Alaudin, sees a dream. In this dream, his mom is crying because of the separation/death of her daughter, Halima, and then within the same dream, he sees his mother mendacity in a grave. When Alaudin wakes up from the dream, his sister Fatima offers him water, and she asked him that what have you seen in the dream and then Alaudin told her that he sees the death of his mother and his sister, then Fatima says i missed Halima too much.

Kurulus Osman Episode 132 Review in Urdu

In the next scene, Orhan bey and Konor Alp fight as a practice has started. It goes very well and at the end Orhan bey win that game. On the other hand, Osman Ghazi and his partners are making plans to conquer the areas of Malhun Hatun. Osman Ghazi leaves the fortress and addresses his soldiers, telling them to prepare for war, and that they reply through pronouncing they are geared up.

During this time, a messenger arrives with a message from Konya, mentioning that Sultan Masood has been poisoned. Upon hearing this information, Osman Ghazi consults along with his partners and plans their next circulate. It is decided that they’ll now not attack the castle now, as Sultan Masood’s probabilities of recovery are narrow, and preparations are began to select a brand new Sultan.

Kurulus Osman Episode 132

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Kurulus Osman Episode 132 Review in English

Alauddin, Osman’s son, is despatched to Konya, in which he will meet Sultan Masood and cope with topics associated related to the next Sultan. Orhan Ghazi is likewise sent to the border to gather the rebels with him. All the commanders are summoned to put together for Elche’s arrival.” On the other hand, we’re shown Ulugen Khatoon, who’s anticipating 4 prisoners, and alongside them, we also see the son of Cerkutay who was continuously asking for his father and waiting to meet him for years.

Then there is a scene trade, and we’re proven Yakub Bey, in which he is traveling his market, checking various matters, and discussing together with his son about increasing his marketplace, strengthening his tribe, and making it greater powerful. During this time, an arrow is shot at him, however he manages to keep away from it, and his son takes down the assailant who bears a mark of another tribe on him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 132 Review in Urdu & English
Meanwhile, information reaches Yakub Bey about Sultan Masood’s demise, and he becomes suspicious of Osman immediately. Yakub Bey advises his son Mehmet that the commanders he sent to acquire together ought to no longer attain Osman and they ought to help his aspect. Then we’re added to Osman’s own family, where Malhun Hatun, Fatima Hatun, Han, and Alauddin are proven.

Kurulus Osman Episode 132 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 132, Bala Hatun’s condition is shown to be deteriorating, and her illness is such that she isn’t always anticipated to get better fast. She, too, sees the same dream that to start with worried Alaudin. Next, Orhan is at the way to the border, where he encounters a few rebels. Osman Bey invites them to fulfill with him, while Orhan Khan Ghazi is sent to unite the rebels alongside the border.

Then there may be a scene change, and Osman Ghazi is talking to his citadel’s people. During this time, a stranger arrives and points out Jerkutay, stating that he’s alive, and revealing his where he is in prison. Osman takes him alongside to search for Jerkutay hideout.

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At this second, Yakub Bey arrives at the fortress, claiming that he’s now the Sultan after Sultan Masood’s death. All the commanders have pledged their allegiance to him, and he asks Osman to do the identical. However, Osman refuses, pronouncing they’ll not pledge allegiance however will combat within the manner of Allah.

On the other aspect, inside the subsequent scene, we see how Orhan Bey rescues Holofira by means of buying her from the rebels. He declares that she now belongs to him, marking a sizeable development of their courting. Here, this episode concludes, and we watch for what occurs next.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 132 Scene
Kurulus Osman Episode 132 Review

Trailer of Kurulus Osman Episode 132 in Urdu

In the trailer for Episode 132, we see Viziers, who is the special minister of Constantinople, and we find out about his foxy plans to pit the Turks in opposition to each different. It is revealed that he’s the one who poisoned Sultan Masood so that they started to fight among themselves. In the coming episode, we will see how osman bey handle Yaqub Bey who is saying that I am the next Sultan and we will also see that how Orhan Bey tackle with the Mehmet Bey regarding the issue of Holofira. an excited episode is waiting for us.

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