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Atmaca’s mom, waving palms in the back of your back is a delight for me, my son Sir Mayor Hasan Atmaca Everyone has been detected to the bottom When they’ll pay for what they did, we take movement without delay after being advised Hasan Atmaca’s component, we started out complete studies we went after absolutely everyone who had a hand in this enterprise with ribbons with different devices,

Camera recordings, wiretaps, satellite tv for pc images, reviews from our staff on the right, we examined all of them in detail, helping logistical help, presenting communication coordinating transportation In brief, we diagnosed every hyperlink you may think about, one by one, suitable success guys Our factors on the proper are after these names for location detection and reconnaissance.

Teskilat Episode 78

We know that those three people took an lively part in the assault at the police station. So we are able to say that their execution could be from our residence. After that, we will act concurrently consistent with the facts we get from them. The Logistics officer of the marketer agency code-named performed an active position in the raid at the police station wherein we had 12 martyrs inside the past years.

And at the identical time, he organized the minibus that took Hasan Atmaca to the border area, we determined the region of this guy, Ömer, you want to follow this guy minute by way of minute in order that we can make a healthful plan. We need to be aware about every step he is taking it’s miles understood that the loss of life of that cold man or woman might be at my hand, my 2d call is hecarim.

Teskilat Episode 78 in Urdu

Mizgin Code Name Roza his report is very big Yes, my President has been energetic within the organization for 14 years. European connections are excellent, in particular Hasan Atmacay,

Who received special education in verbal exchange techniques, they performed the raid on the police station wherein they martyred in secrecy thanks to hejar’s communication methods I observed the device prepared mushroom you can begin the process has commenced the relaxation I ‘m putting cameras and listeners .

Teskilat Episode 78 in English

UnderstoodI’ll provide the dagger controls operator I’ve settled in the house I continue to follow necar I’m the third character named ariko Baran Yekpul This is you, you’re proper on the purple listing for a long time. My President, one of the perpetrators of the bomb attack on civilians, explosives,

He supplies ammunition to the enterprise. Did we discover his place with a totally excessive crook report on hand-made explosives? He goes to the location along with his driving force.

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