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Kizil Elma Episode 8 (Last Episode) Review in Urdu Subtitles Free

Kizil Elma Episode 8 revolve around the childhood of the Fateh of Shahzada Mehmet, who is the sun of Sultan Murad.

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Introduction of Kizil Elma Episode 8

Kizil Elma Episode 8 was another exciting episode in the series. The episode saw Mehmet continue his preparations for the siege of Constantinople, while also dealing with the political intrigue at court.

The episode opened with Mehmet meeting with his advisors to discuss the latest developments in the siege. The advisors were optimistic that the Ottomans would be victorious, but Mehmet knew that the battle would be difficult. He also knew that he would need to be careful not to make any mistakes, as a single mistake could cost him the city.

Kizil Elma Episode 8 Review in Urdu

One of the challenges that Mehmet faced was the Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI. Constantine was a skilled military leader, and he was determined to defend Constantinople at all costs. He had also gathered a large army of soldiers, who were ready to fight to the death.

Mehmet knew that he would need to find a way to defeat Constantine’s army if he was to take Constantinople. He decided to use his superior artillery to bombard the city walls. The cannons caused significant damage to the walls, but they were not enough to breach them.

Kizil Elma Episode 8 Review in English

Mehmet knew that he would need to find a new way to take the city. He decided to build a fleet of ships that would allow him to sail into the Golden Horn, bypassing the chain that blocked the entrance to the harbor. This was a risky move, but it was one that Mehmet was willing to take.

The episode ended with Mehmet’s fleet sailing into the Golden Horn. This was a major turning point in the siege, and it gave the Ottomans a significant advantage. It was clear that Mehmet was determined to take Constantinople, and he would stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Kizil Elma Episode 8 Review

Here are some of the things I liked about the episode:

  • The historical accuracy was impressive. The writers did a great job of depicting the events leading up to the siege of Constantinople.
  • The acting was top-notch, with all of the actors giving strong performances. Mehmet actor, Can Sipahi, was particularly impressive. He brought a lot of charisma and complexity to the role.
  • The story was engaging and kept me hooked from beginning to end. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next.
  • The action sequences were well-choreographed and exciting. The battle scenes were particularly impressive.

Here are some of the things I didn’t like about the episode:

  • Some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy. There were a few lines that made me cringe.
  • The pacing was a bit slow in some places. The episode could have been tightened up a bit.
  • The episode ended on a cliffhanger, which was frustrating. I wanted to know what happened next!

Kizil Elma Episode 8

Overall, I thought Sultan Mehmet Episode 8 was a good episode. It had its flaws, but it was still an entertaining and educational watch. I would recommend it to fans of historical dramas.

In addition to the things I mentioned above, I also appreciated the way the episode explored the human cost of war. We saw the suffering of the civilians caught in the crossfire, and we saw the toll that the war took on the soldiers on both sides. This made the episode more than just a historical drama; it was also a powerful reminder of the horrors of war.

Conclusion of Kizil Elma Episode 8

I am looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds in the next episode. I am eager to see if Mehmet will be able to take Constantinople, and I am also curious to see how the war will affect the people involved.

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