Pakistan Airforce Jobs 2023 PAF | Latest Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Airforce Jobs 2023 PAF Assalam Alaikum friends job update With a new video of yours I am present at the service. What are you doing today? I have come up with an answer for that yes Ah, Pakistan Air Force is right There are men and women from all over Pakistan Both can apply I.

I’m you I give information first Finally, the application procedure I understand that Mr If you want to apply like that, then it’s okay Hope it’s you Watch my full video And next, God willing There will be no question, then Let’s go, let’s end first Let’s see then after that See also how to apply Let’s take it Well, you can see it That join Pak Okay fine.

Airforce Jobs 2023 PAF
Airforce Jobs 2023 PAF

Airforce Jobs 2023 PAF

In this ah from all that ah It has two types of vacancies There is one called PC are. It means Permanent Commission Okay fine. And the second which means There is a category that is Ah SSC ok short services Commission is fine. Airforce Jobs 2023 PAF

Now I separate you What is different is each category As I mentioned earlier The Permanent Commission is fine I will tell you about category jobs After you SSC I will tell you ok. So in that Ah, the first of the permanent commissions The Ah Vacancy is One Fifty Three General Duty Pilots, whom G DP says ok. in this The age limit is sixteen to twenty-two year.

Latest Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Okay fine. And it is what it is National Team Citizen of Pakistan Okay fine. The height is yours Minimum five-fat and four engines should be OK and came Site six by six is ok. In that which should be your education It should be FSC Be it pre-engineering or pre-medical Or pre-computer science Is.

The rest of the category is second It is also written that if A level Whatever happened is fine Then FSC with Physics Also Maths followed by Computers Science and biology are fine. So ah miss some of that Also the category in which you You apply for FSC Can do for him. Okay fine.

After that, the next vacancy is G That is Ninety-Nine Aeronautical Engineering course in it The limit is sixteen to twenty-two years Mail Citizen of Pakistan in Marshall Status should be unmarried. This What I have said above The qualification is the same Latest Jobs in Pakistan 2023

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I am also the same as mentioned above Yes, I already have it After the next vacancy is one hundred The new air defense course is fine My age limit is sixteen From twenty-two after that also mails For and unmarried males Plus height is also the same After that, your education is also the same Same is ok after that Next vacancy is eleven logistic The course is fine in that too

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All things are the same Yes, there is no difference Education is the same, height is also the same The limit of this edge is also the seam. This After that, the next vacancy is yes There are twenty-eight admin and special Duties course is also what it contains Almost everything is fine There is no difference in the edge limit either That’s it. The height is also the same Is.Airforce Jobs 2023 PAF

Airforce Jobs 2023 PAF Apply Online

And religion is yours The qualifications are also the same G. It was that Ah Jo Ah Pi C’s was OK with Permanent Commission of Now let’s look at the short Which Vacancies in Services? Let’s come, okay. I am you What is one-to-one in air defense? Nine SCC Ah CSC Or SSC is fine. Ah in that Tell what is in the first vacancy I give it to you The age limit is eighteen to thirty years.

This Mail Citizen of Pakistan is fine Martial Status Your being unmarried Should. This height is yours Must be five feet four inches. Okay, and this is his Joe Rank That would be the flying officer Alright. Well, that’s it That’s what your education should be

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. B.S Have you done C or BS? Ka or BE or BCS You are right. Good for him After the next which is the department or Next which ah means which group I will tell you what they are Admin and Special Duties Course One To nine CSC CSC Okay fine. Edge limit from eighteen Thirty is fine, married or unmarried Both of you are married

They are required, they will go His height is five feet four inches It should also be a flying officer Is. Education in this your B.S Must have four years with FS It is a must. his Then B.Sc should be yours In Civil Engineering or BE Civil Engineering or MBA, MP A, MS is right in meaning in them Any degree you have from If yes, you apply for it can.

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Then Account One To nine CSC CSC Well, the age limit is eighteen There are only thirty mail citizens in it Well then, married or unmarried Both can apply if married He is then 5 feet 4 in height This is also a flying officer Education for this should be yours Be it GBcom Four Years or BB Be it A or M or MB Be it A Finance or ACCA or ACMA or BS Accounting And finance is right out of it If you have any degree Is it

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