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Alp Arslan Episode 28 (Season 2 Episode 1) in Urdu Subtitles Free

In Alp Arslan Episode 28, After a brief whilst, Akca opens her eyes and eventually confesses that she is Hassan’s daughter. Alparslan talks to the Turkish soldiers and orders the catapults to hearth. While the soldiers are trying to tear down the partitions of the citadel, a messenger arrives.

Alparslan learns that Akca and Hassan have disappeared. Suleiman says the siege must maintain, but Alparslan makes a plan to keep Hassan’s life. Hassan unearths his long lost daughter once more and hugs her. Akca makes a plan to get away from the dungeon and asks her father for assist. Alparslan tells each person that Akca is Hassan’s daughter and right away takes action to shop them from the fortress.

Alp Arslan Episode 28 Review

In Alp Arslan Episode 28, Alpagut reads the hidden message on the horse’s foot and learns Alparslan’s plan. Some squaddies inside the army are disturbed by lifting the siege, but Alparslan calms them down. Alpagut kills  Byzantine squaddies and takes their garments.

Alpagut then goes to the dungeon and asks the captive Turks to alternate their clothes. Hassan says he desires to kill Kekaumenos, but Alpagut asks him to depart the fortress as soon as feasible. Lord, together with a few squaddies, goes to the forest to talk to Alparslan. Caghri learns that Akca is Hassan’s daughter and could be very amazed. Alparslan asks the Lord to surrender the citadel. Diogenes rejects this provide and says he knows Alparslan’s plan. While ready to see Hassan and Akca, Alparslan realizes that his plan did no longer work. Diogenes asks Alparslan to raise the siege and go back to his tribe.

Alp Arslan Episode 28 Review in urdu and English

Diogenes then talks to Ferzat and asks him to provoke the commanders inside the army. Ferzat accepts this offer and returns to the headquarters. Ivan and Rati begin to torture Hassan. Hassan fights with all his may not to kill his daughter. Kekaumenos sees that Hassan is in a difficult state of affairs and could be very glad. Ferzat tells Diogenes’ plan to Alparslan.

Alparslan makes a plan to get the Byzantine soldiers out of the fortress. Kekaumenos learns that Dukas is coming for assist. Herve says he desires to get out of the fortress and make a surprise attack at the Turks. Lord says he does now not consider Dukas and asks Alpagut to test this case. Alpagut is going to the headquarters and talks to Alparslan. Hassan kills one of the guards and later saves his daughter. Alpagut returns to the fort and tells the Lord that Dukas is coming with a huge military.

Alp Arslan Episode 28 in Urdu

In Alp Arslan Episode 28, Diogenes tells them that they should no longer help Dukas and that it’s miles more secure to live within the castle. Herve says there isn’t enough meals inside the castle, and he’ll kill 1/2 the Turks. Lord says Herve is right and asks him to steer the assault. Akca goes to a mystery location within the fortress with her father and says they must stay here till the warfare is over.

Alpagut says that Alparslan will attack quickly. Hassan says he’ll help Alparslan and is derived out of the name of the game area. Ferzat sends a mystery message to the citadel and says that he has finished his task. Lord thinks that the commanders have left Alparslan and begins to look ahead to the assault. Lord then sees smoke within the wooded area and thinks Dukas is starting to assault. Alparslan keeps to act consistent with his plan. Diogenes warns the Lord once again.

Alp Arslan Episode 28 in English

In Alp Arslan Episode 28, Diogenes realizes that the Lord still desires to attack the Turks and says that he will now not take part in this battle. Alparslan learns that Byzantine squaddies have started out to depart the citadel. Some Byzantine squaddies start to loot the houses of the humans within the castle. Alparslan prays to Allah together with his navy and asks Him for help.

Hassan and Akca forestall the soldiers who’re worrying the human beings in the citadel. Hassan then incites the people to rise up against the Lord. Alparslan and the Turkish navy start to attack the Byzantine squaddies popping out of the citadel. Caghri and Tughrul pray for the army’s achievement. A lengthy and hard conflict starts. Herve attacks Alparslan but fails. Alparslan kills the commander on the battlefield.

Alp Arslan Episode 28

The people inside the fortress consider Hassan and say they may stop the Lord. A few human beings pass to speak to the Lord and ask him for weapons to shield the citadel. Kekaumenos calms his people and asks them to return to their homes. Lord soon learns that Herve has failed and orders everybody in the castle to receive guns. Hassan and Akca say they will assault the infantrymen at the partitions soon.

The lord speaks to his infantrymen for the final time and says that the Turks will in no way input the citadel. The Turkish military slowly involves the gate of the fortress and attempts to interrupt it. Byzantine soldiers try and stop the Turks with arrows however fail. Hassan and Akca take action to kill the Byzantine soldiers. The humans in the citadel begin to assist the Turks. Lord sees that Maria and Hassan are still alive.

Alp Arslan Episode 28 in urdu and English subtitles free

In Alp Arslan Episode 28, Alpagut goes to the Lord’s room and confesses that he is the undercover agent in the citadel. Kekaumenos and Alpagut start to fight. Lord seriously injures Alpagut and starts to flee. The Turkish navy breaks the gate of the fortress and starts offevolved to enter. Hassan takes movement to save you the Lord from escaping, however fails. Lord catches Hassan and says he will kill Akca. The Turks killed most of the Byzantine soldiers in the fort in a short time.

Alparslan sees Akca preventing and is glad that she remains alive. A Byzantine soldier walks in the direction of Akca and attacks her. Alparslan and Hassan see that Akca is injured. Kekaumenos takes to the air his helmet and starts offevolved to flee. Alparslan is going to Akca and says he’s going to take her to the doctor. Akca can’t stand it any further and dies after a short at the same time as.

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