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Alp Arslan Episode 30 (Season 2 Episode 3) in Urdu Subtitles Free

Alp Arslan Episode 30

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30, Seferiye says she went out to wander around, but Alparslan asks her to come lower back. Seferiye tells that she will be able to not obey Alparslan’s orders and stabs him in the shoulder. Alparslan goes to the citadel after a brief time but does now not show the wound on his shoulder to every person.

In Alp Arslan Episode 30, Suleiman says he desires to name a medical doctor, but Alparslan stops his brother. Yinal learns that Alparslan is back and goes to speak to him. Seferiye says that she stabbed Alparslan and that this can cancel the marriage choice. Yusuf could be very indignant along with his daughter and asks her not to do risky things once more. Yinal receives indignant with Alparslan due to the metallic he misplaced and asks him for his goods returned.

Alp Arslan Episode 30 Review

Seferiye tells that she will be able to do everything in her electricity to stop this marriage, however Yusuf receives angry together with her over again. As a set of traders is set to go into Byzantine territory, sentry soldiers assault them. A woman kills those scout soldiers. Yusuf thinks that there is a traitor amongst his soldiers and begins beating them. Erbaskan stops his brother and asks him to loosen up.

Alparslan prepares to make a business agreement with the alternative merchants in the hotel. Yinal’s spouse is going to the hotel and says she delivered steel. Alexander could be very happy to peer the steel crammed carriages and starts offevolved talking to Oke. Alparslan is going to Ani and asks the Lord to go back the products of the traders. Grigor rejects Alparslan’s provide and shows him the huge move he had made.

In Alp Arslan Episode 30, Yinal learns what passed off to his spouse and goes to the lodge to greet her. Alexander thanks Oke often. Oke says that everything is thanks to Yinal and leaves the motel together with her husband. Grigor goes to the dungeon and starts to question the captured prisoners after the war of Vaspurakan.

Alpagut time and again tells him that he is a devoted soldier of Kekaumenos, however the Lord does now not consider him. While Alparslan is speaking to his father and circle of relatives, Oke comes to the fortress. Oke says she desires to construct a soup kitchen inside the fortress and begins asking questions about Alparslan’s marriage. Meanwhile, Seferiye comes and apologizes. Alparslan says there’s not anything. Seferiye maintains to talk and says that she is very sorry for stabbing Alparslan. Alparslan comes to Seferiye’s room while she thinks that this marriage will not happen anymore.

Alp Arslan Episode 30 in Urdu

Oke sees Erbaskan speakme to Alparslan and starts to suspect him. Alparslan then sets out together with his infantrymen and captures the massive pass that ends in the motel. While Yinal nevertheless thinks that there is a traitor among his infantrymen, Erbaskan comes and calms him down over again. Selcan and Gevher go to talk to Seferiye.

In Alp Arslan Episode 30, Seferiye tells that she does now not want this marriage. Selcan asks Seferiye no longer to harm Alparslan again. While Caghri is controlling the development inside the city, Sultan’s new order comes. Caghri learns that Yinal is now the governor of Azerbaijan and could be very glad. When Yinal learns of Sultan’s choice, he gets very angry and says that he does not need to move some distance from the capital. Caghri attempts to calm Yinal however fails.

Alexander may be very satisfied while he sees the go and says that they may defeat the Turks quickly. While walking across the strong, Seferiye sees Alparslan’s horse and learns that he loves Akca. Grigor yet again questions the captives and thinks they may be hiding the truth.

Alp Arslan Episode 30 in English

In Alp Arslan Episode 30, Alpagut goes on to mention that he was a Byzantine soldier. That night, the Turks, hiding in the wood move, pop out and start to kill the Byzantine squaddies.

Alp Arslan Episode 30

Alexander quickly wakes up and thinks those attackers are bandits. Alparslan escapes from the castle after killing the guards. Seferiye plans to secretly comply with Alparslan to find the woman named Akca. Yinal gets very angry because he has to visit Azerbaijan. Oke tries to calm her husband down and says that the Sultan is terrified of Yinal’s electricity.

Alp Arslan Episode 30 in urdu and English subtitles free

Yinal thinks that thanks to his new rank, he can manipulate each Vaspurakan and Alparslan. Grigor goes to the hotel and finds out what befell there. Alexander says they may capture the bandits quickly, however Grigor says that this assault turned into carried out by way of Alparslan.

Grigor makes a plan to take revenge on Alparslan and asks his squaddies to wear Turkish garments the subsequent morning. Alparslan asks the traders to visit the name of the game assembly area. Yinal asks Alparslan to observe his orders, however cannot persuade him. Alparslan asks Yinal to go to Azerbaijan as soon as feasible and sets out for the headquarters. While the merchants were speaking approximately Alparslan’s provide at the meeting vicinity, the Byzantine squaddies abruptly attacked.

Alparslan realizes that Seferiye has come to the headquarters and asks her why she got here. Seferiye says she wants to speak to Akca. Alparslan accepts this provide and takes Seferiye to the cemetery. The captured attacker says that Alparslan gave the order to attack. The traders start to hate Alparslan and assume he’s a liar.

In Alp Arslan Episode 30, Alparslan learns what befell to the merchants and starts offevolved searching out a manner to show all the truth. Seferiye apologizes to Alparslan however can’t exchange his marriage choice. One of the injured merchants manages to break out from the attackers and springs to the fort. Alparslan learns that Grigor deliberate the whole thing and units out to visit the resort. Grigor tells all the traders in the inn that Alparslan is a liar. A brief time later, Alparslan and the injured merchant come to the resort. Alparslan asks the injured merchant to tell all the information. The injured service provider says that Alparslan planned everything and that other merchants died due to him.

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