Ertugrul Ghazi Family Tree 1280

Ottoman Empire First Sultan Osman Ghazi & Ertugrul Ghazi Family Tree Ertugrul Ghazi To Prophrt Hazrat Noah A.s All Names Of Family Tree

We Have To Go To Prophet Noah. Whose Whole Nation Was Destroyed After The Flood, So He Sent His Three Sons To Different Places To Settle The Land. Ham To Africa Sam To Iran And Yafith To The Banks Of River Volga And Yaik In Russia Yafith Had Eight Sons.

When The Time Of Yafith Death Was Near, He Appointed His Eldest Son Turk As His Successor. He also Bequeathed It To His Other Sons To Accept Turk As Their Tribal Leader After Assuming Turkish Leadership, He And His People Settled In The Kyrgyz Region Of Issq Qul After The Name Of Turk,

All The Sons Of Yafith Were Named “Turk” The Turkish Race That Went And Lived All Over The World Is Known By His Name. Which Means The Turkish Race Goes From Turk To Yafith And Then Goes To Hazrat Noah Turks Had Four Sons And After Him, His Eldest Son Totak Succeeded Him for 3 Generations After Totak Comes Alinja Han Who Had Twin Sons Named Mongol And Tatar.

Ertugrul Ghazi Family Free

Who Divided Their Empire Into Two Parts After Which Two Tribes Of Turks Came Into Existence “Mongols And Tatars” Viewers, The Descendants Of Ertugrul Ghazi Were From Mongol This Is Why Some Historians Believe That Genghis Khan Is A Descendant Of The Turks.

The Mongols Had Four Sons Named Qir Han, Ur Han, Qara Han, Qara Han Aur Kur Han Tha The Turks Had Completely Forgotten Allah And Religion Till Qara Khan And Had Left Islam. In Those Days A Child Was Born To Qara Khan Who Was Given The Name “Oghuz Khan” This Child Persuaded His Mother To Convert To Islam At A Very Early Age. However, His Mother Converted To Islam In His Youth Age,

Oguz Khan Fought Many Battles And Conquer Lands In Central Asia, the Middle East, Turkey, Mongolia, And Southern Russia He Fell In Love With Two Woman In The Middle Age Of His Life And He Married Both Of Them From These Two Wives Oghuz Khan Had Had 3 Sons Each.

From their First Wife Ujoklar He Had Gok Han, Dag Khan Aur Deniz Khan While From his Second Wife Bozoklar He Had Gun Han, Ay Han Aur Yeldiz Han From These 6 Sons,

Oghuz Khan Had 24 Grandsons These 24 Grandsons Of Oghuz Laid Foundation Of 24 Turkish Tribes. Who Lived In Oguz Yeghu State Of Turkistan These 24 Tribes Had Made A Union Of Tribal Federation And They Call This Federation After The Name Of Their Grandfather “Oghusen” Or “Oghuzlar” As From The Chart,

Oghuz Family Tree

Every Grandson Of Oghuz Laid Foundation Of A Tribe And These 24 Tribes Were The Foundations Of Different Islamic States In the Future For Example Kayi Tribe Was the Foundation Of the Ottoman And Kinik Tribe Was Of The Seljuk Empire Viewers The Family Of Ertugrul Ghazi Proceed From Gun Han Who Was Elder Son Of Oghuz & His Second Wife Bozoklar Gun Han Has Four Sons Named: Kayi Han,

Bayat, Alkaevli & Karaevli Kayi Han Was The Founder Of Kayi Tribe And Hence The Family Kayi Tribe Was From The Eldest Son Of Gunhan Kayi’s Were The Second Most Powerful Tribe Among

The 24 Turkish Tribes Kayi Word Means “Might & Power” The Logo Of This Tribe Was Two Arrows With A Bow In the Center. After Gun Han, Kayi Han Was Chosen As The Tribal Chief. Who Ruled Turks For Around 50 Years And Died At The Age Of 90 Years Kayi Han Was Succeeded By Tormesh

Who Lived For More Than 100 Years And Lived In The Times Of Hazrat Musa And Died In The Same Time After Tormesh Comes Bitemur And Than Bosluhan Bosluhan Conquered Many Lands Around His Empire And Accepted The Religion Of Hazrat Dawood And Spend All His Life In Preaching This Religion Boslohan Was Succeeded By His Son Korkolo

Who Accepted The Religion Of Hazrat Suleiman And Died At The Age Of 120 Years He Named His Son As Suleiman Shah After The Name Of Hazrat Suleiman Suleiman Shah Was Very Pious And Religious Man He Was Very Famous Tribalman Of His Time Because Of This,

A Ruler From India Sent Him A Gift Of Elephants 20 Generations After Suleiman Shah Comes Yasu One Night Yasu Had A Dream From The Arab Side, A Sun & A Moon Were Shining Intensely And Their Light Was Reaching Him After This Dream Of Him,

Prophet Muhammad PBUH Claimed To Be The Prophet Of Allah When Yasu Heard About It, He Accepted Islam He Sacrificed And Gave In The Way Of Allah After His Death Kara Khan Took His Place And After Kara Khan,

His Son Turuk Took The Throne He Worked Hard For The Religion And Died In The Times Of Hazrat Usman Ghani RA Viewers, Next In The Descendants Of Ertugrul Ghazi Is The Son Of Turuk Named Aikutlob Aikutlob Had A Minister Whose Nam Was Orgage Who Had Got All The Authority This Was The Same Time When

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