What is Google Adsense? Easy Explain

Read this completely to know how to earn money from Google Adsense. If you want to earn money from Google at home, then you need to know completely about Google and how Google earns. To earn money from Google, you have to join Google’s partner (monetization) program, then you can earn from Google.

Google’s partner program is called Google AdSense and to earn money from Google AdSense you need to create a co-publisher account for which you must have your own blog website, YouTube channel or mobile app or any of these three things. If you have one, you can get a Google AdSense account.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is basically an ad network that provides ads to its publishers from which the publishers can earn money. Ads that Google-AdSense displays on its publishers’ websites, blogs, YouTube channels or mobile apps, from which publishers earn good income.

Now let’s talk about whether these ads, i.e. ads, are placed by Google itself on its publishers’ websites, blogs, or YouTube channels, or whether advertisers can also place them themselves. Sir, the more advertisers there are, the more advertisers there are, so it will be very difficult for Google to place their ads. Therefore, Google has introduced another system to publish advertisements, which is called Google Ads.

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What is Google Ads?

First of all, let’s understand the difference between Google Ads and Google-AdSense. Through Google Ads, advertisers place their ads on blog websites or YouTube videos, and through Google Adsense, their websites are viewed on blogs or YouTube channels. They are paid.

With Google Ads, people can advertise their company on their favorite website, blog or YouTube channel and promote their business.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval

If you want to get Google-AdSense approval then you must have a blog or a website. If you take the example of our site on which you are reading this article, it is our blog where we publish articles on various topics daily.

So to start a blog you must first have a domain and web hosting Click here for what is domain and web hosting

After buying a domain and web hosting, you need to install WordPress for your blog, then install a theme for your blog, and install some necessary plugins. Write and publish 30 articles and share your articles on social media so that some people will come to your blog and traffic to your blog will help you to get Google AdSense approval.

After all this, you should index your blog in the Google search engine so that your blog appears in Google’s search results and people can visit your blog, which will also increase the value and authority of your blog and you will be ranked by Google. Adsense approval will also help.

After all the above work is completed, you will apply your blog to get Google AdSense, for which you will need a Google account i.e. Gmail account.

Now you apply for your Google AdSense and continue working on your blog, write articles and publish on your blog as well as search engine optimization of your blog so that your blog can rank in Google and you can get organic from Google. Traffic will start.

How to earn money from Google AdSense

After getting Google AdSense approval for your blog, you can place Google AdSense ads on your blog and whenever a visitor comes to visit your blog, he will see those ads and after viewing the ad or clicking on it. You will get dollars per click because that blog is yours so Google-AdSense gives you dollars to show your advertiser’s ads.

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Hope you have understood how to earn money from Google. The easiest way to earn money online is to write your own blog and get it approved by Google-AdSense and earn well.

May Allah bless all of you brothers and sisters and grant you honorable employment while sitting at home, Ameen

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