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Police Latest Jobs 2023 | Pakistan Jobs Today | SPU CPEC Jobs 2023

Police Latest Jobs 2023 Peace be upon you, friends. What I have brought today is the vacancies in Special Protection Unit SPU. There are vacancies in the police which is the department of SPU,

there are total of fifteen hundred vacancies.

all the friends who are new to my channel must subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon so that you can easily get the notification of my upcoming new job video. So let’s go, let’s see it first, after that I will explain the call by applying it to you.

Police Latest Jobs 2023

Yes, you can see in it that CPEC Sindh is in it, the qualifications are yours, the matriculation is fine. Education should be your metric, yes, after that, your age limit is eighteen to twenty-eight years, then physical, which is your standard, height, etc., and chest, etc.

Police Latest Jobs 2023 | Pakistan Jobs Today | SPU CPEC Jobs 2023
Police Latest Jobs 2023 | Pakistan Jobs Today | SPU CPEC Jobs 2023

The height should be five feet and five inches and the chest is thirty-three by one point five by increasing it to thirty-four and a half. After that, sixteen hundred meters in eight minutes, you have to run what you have.

SPU CPEC Jobs 2023

After that what is the total here you can see that fifteen hundred is ok fifteen hundred is ok what is the procedure of apply Yes apply online I will tell you ahead. ok in video first download system generator challan rs nine hundred rupees ok you have to fill challan form of rs nine hundred rupees ok you have to fill any challan form any branch of MCB or ABL I can do whatever is right, yes, it is done,

now the last date of the application is fine, I will tell you further, fine, and also explain the method of applying here. Yes, you can see job opportunities in Sindh Police Special Protection Unit CPEC Sindh, yes, here you can see its closing date, here it is written, yes, April 15, 2023.

Pak Army Jobs In Punjab 2023

Twenty-three is the last date of its application. And this is the website of Ah Apply which is online which is the website which is online which you can see here. In this you have STS ok, I will open it again and show you what it is. So that you don’t have any issues. You will write STS Jobs ok.

Will write STS job ok g. I don’t know actually I have opened ready browser so that’s why you will write STS job right then you will ask for what is in the interface right. Is. But it is necessary to create an ID first on what you have. You are ok. See my created ID is ok.

PMA 152 Long Course

Here my ID card and contact number is coming. It is ok. And in the same way, what we have is a complete profile that is active, so in the same way, when you visit this website for the first time, there are small requirements that you have to do.

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So you have to do what you must. Adwise you can’t apply in it right. Well now here you can see. Ah, you can also download the advertisement from here and you can also post the view from here. OK, yes, I will post the view. OK, yes. Right now I think there is an issue with the website.

So ah, it will be open, ok, there is no issue. Okay fine. My net has become limited, that’s why it is not opening. So what you have is the internet. It is obvious that if it is yours then you will apply. Okay, so there is an issue with my internet.

That’s why this view post is not opening. It’s okay. So what’s in it is not an issue, okay, so anyway, oh man, it’s okay to tell you, I confirmed it to you. Yes, they can apply online. And the challan form which is nine hundred rupees must be filled up along with yours.

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