Teskilat Episode 76 in Urdu Subtitles Free

Teskilat Episode 76 Review

He always concept of me before even that Bullet because of me you would do the equal element anyway Omar however I couldn’t do it I couldn’t be as self-sacrificing as you I was dismissed for me Just in order that my choice would not be tarnished I took on my errors I paid for my mistakes for years and years.

Teskilat Episode 76 Review

Zehra your black pearl confuses you, continuously gambling on it, attempting to break your psychology, don’t trust it, we each know very well that I’m not mendacity but I overlooked some thing, it has n’t been spoken but I need my gospel Omar Zehra found out the fact my brother and His cellphone is likewise off.
I got here to the meeting factor of Halit President, but Efkar Baba isn’t always round OK name me once more.

Teskilat Episode 76 Review in urdu

His smartphone is grew to become off, he must now not have some thing wrong with me so this isn’t always an omen k haven’t we come yet we’ve arrived I should have given this punishment that killed Helen however it’s your right you make a decision what to do your hand didn’t need to die I desire you will be a little more careful with you Harley time wouldn’t should die we ought to have carried out it in other ways Actually that wasn’t the point they would simply take documents and go away stored your existence my whole profession might have been ruined have.

Teskilat Episode 76 Review in English

You ever concept what might manifest if it turned out you were running for us now you’re indignant. I recognize however you’ll thank me later Is there a file of the vehicle that Helen stabbed and escaped and changed into abducted by means of someone? Is there a record of the digicam recordings are cut in a woodland region, President, we want to tell the President? My President, they abducted the person who stabbed Eleni, the sign of the car comes from a forested vicinity OK, ship me the vicinity right away.

Teskilat Episode 76

We don’t have that a great deal time I notion you can conceal it until then There are things you don’t realize too But let’s start with Zehra first, right, all Omer attempted to try this day became to save your life But you blamed him for years intelligence right here a female has leaked in, allow’s tell the links and that they’ll do away with it straight away Zehra can you hear me they’re coming towards you Applause Zehra are you able to hear me damn signal cutter Applause Hawk Do you hear me with Black Pearl do i’ve visible touch Hawk Applause Reply hawk don’t throw.
We can’t waste time for your lies Zehra watched the records She is aware of that it was she who deciphered You took the person I love from me I killed your love I made you hate each other I gained I received you will never be the same again folks that do the entirety are usually doomed to do evil they gave a variety of money I did it for my family I did it to your family Whereas I’ve accomplished the entirety you ever did notwithstanding my family I even gave up while vital for the things I knew proper are you able to do it I’ll let you know what I understand who gave it Teshkilat Season three Episode seventy six.

Teskilat Episode 76 in urdu subtitles

I can say it became within my knowledge Applause What was the color of the car from white s I located the membership I’ll go in my President assist teams on the way we don’t have that tons time President be careful God damn it It can be your turn, Halit, your daughter, the president, died because of you. You pays for it they killed the person, direct the relevant consequences right here at once president we’re continually at the back of you, you leave Omar Atmaca You’ve been within the sanatorium for days If you want, we will have this communication later.

Teshkilat Season 3 Episode 76.
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