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Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20 Review

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In Barbarossa Hayreddin Last Episode 20, Salih Reis, are you positive you weren’t accompanied by using Charles’ Palace? I’m now not Reis. Come on Reis! Ya ALLAH! It is man’s best shame to betray for nothing. Humans, will now not prosper until he leaves the betrayal. Why is the reality heavy on human beings’s souls? Because the truth makes one dream of sadness. The reality hurts people. There isn’t any advantage in reality.

In Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20, What about Ibrahim? It isn’t always for us to determine on him, my Sultan. Were his wounds actual? My Sultan, I talked with the docs, not because I didn’t agree with his wounds, it turned into due to the fact I wondered approximately his situation. My Sultan, The medical doctors stated his wounds have been real. Even if the whole lot is a recreation his wounds are actual. We do no longer know who loves their state who betrays, who acts for his or her own self.

Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20 in Urdu and English

As you are saying. We don’t need to be unfair. But doubt must be accompanied. My Sultan, forgive me. But, do you doubt Ibrahim Pasha? You recognize that his wounds are actual. Falsehood is terrible and excluded everywhere. But the actual issue is that the falsehood comes within the proper manner’s guise. We should look at the visible, and we should have a look at the one who seems by right and betrays.

Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20

In Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20, My Sultan, I will interrogate him as you commanded. We need proof, Pasha. Do you recognize in which Hayreddin Reis is? It’s doubtful in which he went my Sultan. But it’s far positive that he isn’t always in the Capital City. You can leave. My Pasha, are you alright? I am first-rate. Do you want me to name the physician?  No need. What changed into the measure of this medicine A spoon, my Pasha? A spoon has no effect.

Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20 in Urdu

I have a completely big pain. A spoon has no effect or benefit. Go to Luna, quick and tell her. Tell her to return here. As you assert, my Pasha. Salih Reis. Throw your swords! Don’t Reis. Of route, I becomes a martyr. If not today, tomorrow. Don’t throw your swords! You’ll become a martyr and I’m going to watch? Is that so Salih?  Don’t do it, Reis.

Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20 in English

In Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20, You obviously didn’t understand me, Salih. If you’re a actual soldier, if you have honor drop your sword. Stop! Drop your sword and I’ll surrender. Drop your swords. Don’t Reis! If you go away your sword we are all going to die, don’t do it! If he’s a commander, he must ask first we killed so lots of his infantrymen. Isn’t that genuine Salih? Of route, we can query. But most effective if you drop your swords.

In Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20, Otherwise, none of you’ll go away this location alive. There is no question for us that you can not locate the solution to. Open the door. Bring Admiral Doria and Lord Ciev. They aren’t here my Pasha. Where are they? They were given out my Pasha. How?! The order came. For the release of Admiral Doria and Lord Ciev. Where is the order? The other soldier has it. He left whilst his watch turned into over.

Barbaros Hayreddin Last Episode 20 Trailer

Who gave the order?! I don’t recognize my Pasha. But the order was sealed. Who may want to it’s my Pasha? Whoever is doing those video games has completed it. What are we going to do? We need them as witnesses. If proof is to be found, who else can deliver it? Sahsuvar. Will she testify? She will Pasha. In the eyes of our Sultan, she will be rewarded. Besides, who is aware of higher than him what Ibrahim Pasha did?

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