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In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19, Ibrahim Pasha became shot!  Ibrahim Pasha turned into shot! Seyid Ali! -Call a medical doctor!  – Run!  Run! Let’s take Pasha!  Lift him!  – Come on! Seyid Ali. Seyid Ali! Seyid Ali, pull yourself together! Pull your self collectively! -What have I accomplished?  – Forget what you probably did. Get faraway from right here. Run away!  Come on! To in which? I shot Ibrahim Pashawhere am I purported to run.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 Review

I shot him. I did. But right now this is not the critical element. Get away from right here! We will meet on the vicinity. Come on. I have made a mistake Kandiyeli. I do now not need to entice you all into this mistake too. I will go and surrender. Look at me. You will not do something before talking to Reis! Now you may move and wait for us! Otherwise, we won’t supply our pardons to you! I did not want to shoot him. I swear to Allah I did no longer want to shoot Pargali Ibrahim Pasha.

Where is Seydi Ali? I instructed him to run away, Reis. Why didn’t you bring him to me? Reis, Seydi Ali wasn’t self-conscious. He wasn’t in a state of affairs to reply questions. Don’t you pay attention to my words? Not at all, Reis. I continually listen on your phrases and orders but there’s no but!  Why did he do this?! I didn’t ask Reis. I just informed him to run away.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 Review

Thank you. Marsella. My fellow visitor. I will attempt my nice to heal you. You gained’t die! You will stay. And you may inform me what took place. You will tell me why Luzatto did this to you. Marsella. . . Are you alright Marsella?  – I’m o.K.. For a 2d I idea I am going to die. I have by no means been so cherished to look you.

My way and Barbarossa’s. . . . . Will in no way converge. You nonetheless have a threat with Barbarossa,to discover that island and your circle of relatives. But you don’t stand a chance with the men you agree with in and believe. What do you imply? Luzatto. Luzatto doesn’t want you to discover the island. Aunt! What?  Why are you yelling? I ought to ask you what came about. How may want to you deceive me? Did you believe you studied. . You could win in opposition to me or even Pargali Pasha?

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 Urdu Review

What had been you looking forward to?! Did you observed that you would be the massive service provider of Capital City by giving a few statistics? I am your niece. I am your brother’s own baby. How should you try this to me? If you maintain this rudeness, the few possessions you’ve got will now not be yours. Do something you need to do aunt. Do your best! What’s Wrong? Are you threatening me? No, I am no longer.

I am telling you what’s going to occur. Snowfall is close to to those mountains you believe. What do you imply? ‘They shot Pargali Ibrahim Pasha. Do not deceive me! Who should dare this? I do not recognize however, they shot him with a gun in a port. From whom did you listen? Soldiers got here to tell my father. They informed me. How did I get this wound, soldier? You were shot, my Sadrazam Pasha.

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