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FC Kpk Jobs 2023 | Pakistan Jobs Today | Frontier Corps Jobs 2023

FC Kpk Jobs 2023 Bismillah Rahman Raheem Assalam Alaikum friends today we have brought our jobs which are Government of Pakistan Frontier Constabulary which you can call FCFC jobs well what it has are quite awesome type of vacancies. Soldiers are fine, then clerks.

Well, there are a lot of jobs. Well, how to apply. What is the complete procedure of applying? I will explain it to you in this video. You have to watch the video till the end. So let’s go, let’s first look at the advertisement of the job.FC Kpk Jobs 2023

FC Kpk Jobs 2023
FC Kpk Jobs 2023

You can see here that the general duty soldier is fine, the man is fine. Here first of all read some instructions Frontier ah cover north province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa recruitment registration ah will be according to the following program candidates who are interested in recruitment are informed through advertisement. Okay fine. FC Kpk Jobs 2023

It is written here that visit the places and dates from eight o’clock to two o’clock in the afternoon. All Districts of KPK Province are eligible for the recruitment of SCON. Okay fine. So these are the jobs of FCK, these are the jobs of KPK. Well, here it is written in details that which district is recruiting and what is the location and what is the date of registration and medical examination.

FC Pakistan Kpk Jobs 2023

Well, I will tell you. Yes, yes, you can see here what is in Lower Chitral, it will be from 8th to 10th of May. It is written that headquarters Chitral Scouts Chitral is ok yes this is your location address ok you have to come to this place for inspection and registration from 8th to 10th of May after that it is late above ok 15 to 16 banir is the address from twenty to twenty-two. You can read it here in detail. FC Kpk Jobs 2023

Well, in the same way, Shangla is Bajaur, Mardan is Charsadda, Nowshera, Kohat. lucky Marwat, North Waziristan, Hangu, Orakzai, Karam Bannu, Bami, FR, Bannu, South Waziristan ok then Dera Ismail Khan, Kohistan, Torkhar, Bitgram, Kirk, Khyber, Peshawar, Swabi, Mohmand,

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Malakand is After Swat, Lower Dir, Upper Chitral, yes, all their locations are also written here, and next, the dates are also written here. Ah what is your trade that ah means that these two are different. is of steno-tapist and is followed by g. EME ELECTRONICS OR VM OR ELECTRICIAN OR AH FTER GUN R MORAL OR AFTER HAS ANSILRY OR SMT OK.

So the Stenotapist’s will be on June 16th and the medical examination will be on June 17th. And here is written the location Scout Standing Academy Warsak, both of them will be in the same place. After that the criteria and educational qualification for recruitment here is ok I tell you what is GD soldier that ah the recruitment of soldier must be matric pass and after that what is your education Should be ok.FC Kpk Jobs 2023.

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After that what is for EME traders should be education and metric science ok and after that there should be FSC ok yes after that the other departments that are ahead here are electronics and VM then these Education is written in the front, some one is metric, some one is FSC, FC Kpk Jobs 2023.

yes, after that, your height should be 5 feet 6 inches. There will be an inch discount, okay, five feet eight inches, that means they can do it, okay, after that, your chest should be thirty-one by thirty-three, and two inches for those who have children or siblings. There is a discount. After that, your age limit should be from seventeen years to twenty-three years.

In the way that there is a two-year exemption for the martyrs of FC or their children or their brothers. Alright. After that, the details of your documents are mentioned here. Copy of educational credentials ID card or blank form followed by four-digit passport Photographs followed by domicile certificate is fine g.

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You should have these things. After that what you have ah more recruitment information can be taken from this website as well. So, I have already told you about the rest of the application procedure, that here, you have to go for registration according to the dates.

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Ah, the center that you told me. Alright. After that, this is the second recruitment of FC. I will tell you about this category. In which today comes yours. Ah it’s also KPK’s right. He was a soldier. And these are those of your Deputy Speaker,

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Veterinary Compounder, followed by Atty Soldier. Cook Soldier Ah Mess Waiter Soldier Maschi Soldier Washer Carpenter Cobbler Tailor Barber Ok. The scale is written on the front and the date is also written on the next date on which your registration or test will take place. June 19th is June 19th, June 19th, June 19th, right. It is June 19 of the three above. The three after that are fine

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