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Health Department Jobs 2023 | Pakistan Jobs Today | Sanitary Petrol Jobs 2023

Health Department Jobs 2023 | Pakistan Jobs Today | Sanitary Petrol Jobs 2023 Bismillah, Rahman, Raheem, Peace be upon you, friends, today I have brought another job for you, that is district health department, what is in it, the authority, what is in it,

there are a lot more vacancies, there are fifteen hundred vacancies. I am ok, both men and women can apply in this. I will explain the complete procedure in this video. You have to watch the video till the end. Yes, after that I also explain to you how to apply in it.

Health Department Jobs 2023
Health Department Jobs 2023

Yes, you can see it here. What is vacancies are ok here you can see 1500 ok total number what is centri petrol male and female number 1500 ok advertisement what is a little blurr ok not clear but clear here It will be seen that the number is written on you, that’s right, your education should be middle pass, that’s right, and that’s your total, you should have a mobile phone, that’s right. Health Department Jobs 2023

It is written here that your android mobile should be a touch one. It is written here that because of field work, healthy and active women will be preferred. It means that you mean healthy. By the way, it means that even if someone is weak, he can play,

Health Department Jobs in pakistan

but it means that whoever is healthy will be given more importance. It is from eighteen to thirty-five years and the male gentlemen is from eighteen to thirty-three years. Okay, I will explain to you the rest of the details. Okay, what are the terms and conditions and how to apply and apply. What is the last date? What is it?

What is it? Apply what is here. Do not send the documentation anywhere. Just what you have is a walk interview. It means that you will go. Right now I will tell you that on this date you will go, your documentation will be with you, that’s right, your interview will be at that time, your test will be at that time,

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that’s right, and you will tell what it is that you have done on such and such a date. Ko come for the job. Yes, what is in it is not difficult. Okay, so here I will tell you the things. One is written here. Yes, for walk-in interview. Application on plain paper from day is fine.

One application you have to write is fine.After that copy of your ah identity card copy of educational certificate copy of domicile and attested all these things should be attested and two passport size photos. The graph is fine and should be accompanied by your original documents. Health Department Jobs 2023

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And on Saturdays from ten in the morning to one in the dengue sale office district health officer ps district health authority office road sector four ok come to Khayaban Sir Syed Rawalpindi last date for submission of application is 2 May 2023 ok You have time to apply until May 2nd, 2023. Okay, what you have until May 2nd is what I told you about the documentations.

Tell me the documents. It should reach you. It’s okay. Later, they will tell you the next date on which date you have to come and your interview will be done. That’s right, they will tell you what else there is. It also says that ladies and gentlemen should apply and complete your application.

Fresh Health Department Jobs 2023

Your address is written and the Union Council should also be written, and your identity card number and your mobile number must be written on the application that you will send, so that they can contact you. After that, the complete address is written here. OK, you can note it.

Further, what is here is the address and this is the contact number. You can also do what is on it. Those who are more details are not good in it. There is no particular one. It is fine. You who are residents of Rawalpindi district are fine. All these districts are fine. You can, because there is a big vacancy, there are 1500 seats, so this is a wonderful opportunity, whatever you have, don’t apply. Health Department Jobs 2023

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If you have education, take advantage of this opportunity, it is fine and apply what is in it, it is fine, I think that you will have understood it, it is fine if there is any confusion in this video. If you don’t understand something, you can comment below the video, I will guide you further and I hope you will like this video, if you like the video, then like this video, share and comment. Please subscribe to the channel, inshallah I will be back in your service again in the next video, until then, please allow me.

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