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Pakistan Ranger Sindh jobs 2023 Apply Now

Pakistan Ranger Sindh jobs 2023. So friends, the NOC for soldier recruitment in Pakistan ranger has been released, a total tragedy. It is close to nine hundred and ninety, listen again Pakistan ranger Sindh upcoming recruitment.

NOC ongoing vacancies nine hundred and ninety vacancies friends please subscribe to today all jobs update so that the date will be available first on a daily basis.

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So friends, first of all, you can see that NOCA was issued on 17th April, 2023. At this time, I was also telling you that NOC is coming in April. If they do not know, then this time was stopped due to unavoidable reasons, now it has been sent to the establishment division for formal approval as soon as this NOC came to the establishment division at the same time.

Pakistan Ranger Sindh jobs 2023 Apply Now
Pakistan Ranger Sindh jobs 2023 Apply Now

I have also received this. Can you give me the requirement in Pakistan ranger Sindh against? Let’s come down a little bit and see what vacancies are there. If you go, friends, you can see first of all the posts of Sub-Inspector General, eight posts are of Havaldar General Duty, here there are eight posts of forty-eight, not soldier recruitment, but soldier clerks.

Pakistan Ranger Sindh jobs 2023

forty-eight posts will be clerical staff. This entry will be forty-eight direct. After this, you can see that the twenty-ninth general will come. After that check seven hundred and sixty two posts of sepoy recruitment on the seventh scale. In this place seven hundred and sixty two posts of sepoy general duty have been approved in Pakistan ranger.

Check again seven hundred and sixty two vacancies keep an eye on this place. Twenty-nine sepoy cooks will come, six posts of sepoy miss or sepoy mess waiter, two posts of sepoy masalchi and come forward, eight posts will come for NCs, meaning those who became deputy messengers and those of other lower levels. Pakistan Ranger Sindh jobs 2023.

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You can also say level IV, these will be two vacancies, the total is fine, and let’s see here, these vacancies will be filled in Pakistan ranger Sindh under the ministry of accounted, listen again, I am telling you the most important vacancies here.

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But look again eight hundred and sixty two posts will come for soldier, forty eight posts will come for soldier clerk and twenty five posts will be for havaldar, twenty nine naiks who are soldiers or not will come for them then these are the best posts, you must apply now. I promised you guys that as soon as the NOC comes, I will tell you first. Pakistan Ranger Sindh jobs 2023.

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In Clause No. 2, please look carefully here, it is being told that this NOC is valid for six months first and it is most strongly stated that this NOC is valid for six months. The recruitment should be mandatory in the first three months. Well, some boys will say that it is written on 12, 12, 20 and 14. This is a fake NOC. You guys should come up and look here. It is on 2, 23 and it is a section.

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There are army and ranger, it happens according to, right? And it means that there is a law that will be presented on twenty-two and ten. Well, within one hundred and twenty days, God willing, it is likely to come with in three months.

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