Who Destroyed The Ottoman Empire?

How Ottoman Empire Destroyed When Was Ottoman Empire Destroyed How Long Did The Ottoman Empire Last History Of Ottoman Empire Last Days?

The audience is such a cunning and cunning spy of the world who was fully responsible for the destruction and destruction of the great Ottoman Empire, who not only destroyed the Ottoman Empire with his cunning and cunning but also created a dangerous division between Arabs and non-Muslims among Muslims.

And Readers who succeeded in inciting Arab people to revolt by giving the Arab Empire a more pleasant illusion than the Ottoman Empire. Who was the greatest spy, what was his name, and under what pretexts was he able to break and destroy the Empire of Osmania,

Who Destroyed The Ottoman Empire?

How did the death of this spy happen? It is about a century ago. When an English archaeologist dreamed of establishing an Arab Empire in the Middle East. It was a wonderful thing, but that Englishman stood out to give practical interpretation to this unique dream of his.

How Ottoman Empire Destroyed?

The Englishman’s name was TE Lawrence. Which is known as the Lawrence of Arabia around the world. But E. Lawrence’s dream could not be fulfilled. Because his own British government, together with the French and the Russians, made a secret program to seize Arab territory.

Thus, the Arab Empire that spread from Egypt to Iran in the Middle East could not come into being. The sketch was created by Colonel The Lawrence of Arabia.

Lawrence of Arabia History In the Ottoman Empire

The surprising thing is that almost a hundred years ago, a group of Arabs declared their Empire in Iraq and Syria, although the majority of Muslims do not recognize this self-styled Empire. It was decided to lay the foundation of the Arab Empire in order to wipe out the audience.

This story tells that in the beginning, the European colonialists showed golden dreams to the Arabs to end the Ottoman Empire, but as success approached, they decided to take over the Middle East. That is to create new Arab states and put puppet rulers there.

Who Was Lawrence of Arabia?

An illegitimate child born in the British territory of Wales in the year 1888 AD, Thomas Edward Lawrence was an archaeologist by profession. From his childhood, he was fond of visiting historical buildings. In 1999, twenty-one-year-old Lawrence arrived in Syria alone.

And studied archeology there. After graduating in history, he was busy researching archeology in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Iraq from 1910 to 1914. During this time, Lawrence learned Arabic. Also got acquainted with the traditions, society, and history of the Arab tribes. Viewers In January of 1914, Lawrence temporarily became a spy in the British Army.

The army made him survey the place where present-day Israel is located. The Ottoman army could have crossed the Negev desert and invaded Egypt. Where the British had occupied. At that time, most of the Middle East except Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia,

Lebanon and Israel were included in the Ottoman Empire. In the month of July 1914, the First World War began. Germany and the Ottomans were allies in it. Who competed with Britain and France. The British and the French were never powerful enough to invade the Middle East.

But the British knew that the Turks sitting in the Middle East could economically destroy the British Empire by blocking the British trade in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, it became imperative to wage war against the Turks in the Middle East. But how to fight this war was a big question.

Therefore, the solution to this problem was found in the division of Arabs and non-Arabs in the Middle East. And the term for this was started.

This term is used for these Christian intellectuals and writers. Who laid the foundations of Arab nationalism in the Middle East during the nineteenth century from the end of Western colonialism. Through this movement,

the Arabs were incited against the Turks by various tactics. But it is a fact that the injustices of the Ottoman government also helped Arab nationalism to flourish. By the beginning of the twentieth century, this movement had established its strong roots.

So Britain and France decided to persuade the Arab tribes against the Ottoman Empire, but then the question arose as to how this would be possible, so Lawrence of Arabia found the answer to this difficult question. He had spent four years in the Middle East, so he had a lot of knowledge about the values and traditions of the Arab tribes. Due to this characteristic,

he was recruited as a detective in Forigan in January 1915. Viewers, it is a matter of time before this British government agency, the Foreign Office, used to take care of the interests of the British Empire around the world. Its first appointment was in the Cairo branch of the Foreign Office.

This is the Cairo branch where Lawrence Of Arabia and other British thinkers brought forward the idea that an Arab leader should be given to become the caliph, such an Arab Empire that would cover almost the entire Middle East

so that it would become equal in glory and power to the Abbasid Empire, which was the world in its time. had been the superpower of, therefore, TE Lawrence wrote an important paper in relation to this theory and in it he described the history of Arab tribes,

tribal differences, culture and society, and details in detail. In his essay, Lawrence wrote that by uniting the Sunni Arab tribes of the Middle East, it is possible to establish an Empire that would be powerful and powerful. To become equal to the Abbasid Empire.

The British government immediately approved the proposal for the establishment of this Arab Empire. So now in the Middle East, the search for such a powerful Arab leader who can become the head of the rebellion began. The eyes of the British went to Sharif Makkah Hussain bin Ali.

The Sharif of Makkah, Hussain bin Ali, was famous among the Arab tribes as the keeper of the Two Holy Harams. Moreover, he already had the desire to become the King of Hejaz. The British took advantage of his ambitious aspirations and gave him attractive incentives This is the month of July 1916.

In October 1916, TS Lawrence was sent to Hijaz to join the army of Hussain bin Ali to attack the outposts of the Ottoman Turks. By the time he was able to launch the invasion, he had become a captain.

Colonel Lawrence’s major role in fomenting rebellion among the Arab tribes was that he convinced Husayn bin Ali and his son Prince Faisal to accept the British. Following the war strategy, the following strategy, the rebel Arab tribes started raiding operations and did not face the Turks directly.

Soon many tribes of Hijaz and Najd joined Sharif Makkah. They also severely damaged the Hejaz Railway, which provided supplies to the Turkish army. Due to supply cuts, the Turkish army was trapped in the Arab cities. Britain provided modern weapons and financial aid to the Sharif Makkah Arab Army.

In the next two years, under the guidance of TS Lawrence, this Arab army captured many important forts in Hijaz and Najd from the Turks. Thanks to these achievements, he became the lieutenant colonel of Prince Faisal,

the commander of the Arab army. What is interesting for the audience is that when Colonel Lawrence was fighting the Turks together in the Middle East, the governments of Great Britain, France, and Russia, seeing success in the Great War, began to prepare an agreement to separate parts of the Middle East.

Negotiations on the agreement started in the month of November 1915 and it reached its completion in the month of May 1916. This agreement was known in history as the Sykes Pact. Due to this agreement, the territories of present-day Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, and Israel became part of the British.

Lebanon, Syria, and northeastern Turkey were given to the French. While the rest of Turkey, including Istanbul, fell to the Russians. Western activists claim that Colonel Lawrence was unaware of the Sykes Pact agreement.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Family Tree
Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Family Tree

When the Turkish army was defeated in the Middle East in 1918, then he came to know about this agreement, and knowing about it, besides Hussain bin Ali, Colonel Lawrence of Arabia was also very shocked.

The British rulers no longer wanted to With the establishment of a powerful Arab Empire in the Middle East, the Arabs could become powerful and pose a threat to British commercial and economic interests in the region. Western powers wanted to establish small Arab states in the Middle East.

So that the Arab power is divided and weakened. Moreover, an influential member of the British government, the finance minister, David Lloyd George, who later became the prime minister, was an extremist Christian. Therefore, these Christians are called Christian Zionists today.

The Jews are the real owners of Palestine. This was the view of these Christians. And also that after the martyrdom of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, when the Temple of Sulaimani is built, only then will Hazrat Jesus (peace be upon him) descend on earth. In the month of December 1916, David Lloyd George also became the British Prime Minister.

He then promised Zionist leaders that Palestine would be given to them as a separate homeland in the name of Israel. The announcement made in the month of November 1917 proved to be the actual form of this promise. As expected, the Ottoman Turks were defeated in World War I.

And his Empire collapsed and was limited to Turkey. If the Turkish army under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha had not defeated the British and Greeks, today’s Turkey might have been smaller and torn apart. Hussain bin Ali was very angry after being cheated by the Europeans. The British government, while implementing its original plan, made his eldest son Abdullah the king of Jordan and the second son Faisal,

but apparently, this move showed that Britain had kept its promise to the Arabs. Sharif Makkah, who rebelled against the Turks, did not end well. He could only remain the king of Hejaz until the year 1925 when Ibn Saud ended his rule. The British were supporting Ibn Saud. In 1958, the army also overthrew the government of Prince Faisal’s descendants. Now only in Jordan, the heirs of Hussein bin Ali are sitting as kings.

In the last one hundred years, there has been a fundamental change in the great game going on in the Middle East, the British Empire is now the king. Or has been replaced by the United States of America?

In this context and throughout this narrative, T.E. Lawrence becomes an enigma except for the five-foot-tall Colonel T.E. Lawrence, who possesses a mysterious personality. Western historians claim that he was pro-Arab. The Arabs were freed by his efforts and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom theory is based on Lawrence’s legacy.

It is known that in the month of October 1918, British King George V wanted to give the title of Sir to Colonel Lawrence of Arabia due to his services. But Lawrence was not happy with his government for cheating the Arabs.

He refused to take the title of Sir. This incident proves that he was a well-wisher of the Arabs. But the same Colonel Lawrence of Arabia woke up in December The late Zionist leader Dr. Hamid Meizman, who was the first president of Israel, also arranged a meeting with Prince Faisal in London. The defendant was to protect the rights of the Zionists in future Palestine.

Dr. Reizman assured the prince that the Jews will live in peace and security in Palestine. And that the 45-50 Jews living in Palestine will not introduce themselves to the Palestinian Arabs. On this, Prince Faisal assured the Zionist leader of his full support.

It should be remembered that at that time the prince thought that Palestine would be included in the Arab Empire proposed by Colonel Lawrence. The viewer discovers that Colonel Lawrence was no friend of the Arabs. On the contrary, as a spy, he protected the country’s interests as much as possible, and he showed himself as a hero in his own life, while the Arabs were shown to be quarrelsome and helpless.

This shows Lawrence’s bias. That he had never received formal combat training, however, he was fond of riding a motorbike, and leading Arab guerrillas in several marques. This passion became the cause of his death in the month of May 1935. He was riding a bike at a speed of 100 miles per hour.

While saving two children, he fell and got seriously injured. And died six days later. Viewers have seen the story of a cunning and clever spy in the world. This story is the story of the spy who performed remarkable feats in provoking the division of Arabs and non-Muslims within the Muslims to destroy the Ottoman Empire.

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