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Osman had a dream in his childhood that a huge tree appeared from his side which continued to grow. Even its branches covered the ocean. Four big rivers of the world were flowing out from the root of the tree and four big mountains were holding the branches of this tree. After that there was a very strong wind. And the leaves of this tree turned towards a great city. This city was located in such a place

 Where two oceans and two continents met. And this city looked like a ring. Osman wanted to wear the ring when his eyes opened. Osman who is called Osman I or Osman Khan Ghazi.

Ertugrul Ghazi Son Osman Ghazi

He was the son of Ertugrul, the chief of the Turkey tribe, and the grandson of Suleiman Shah. Osman was born in 1258 in Sagut. which is a city in the Marmara Region of Turkey and a district of Sob Belgek. Ertuğl Ghazi’s mausoleum is also here. His mother’s name was Halima. Osman Khan Ghazi, the daughter of Sujuk ruler Numan Effendi, was the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Ertuğrul Ghazi wanted to make his son Osman mature and perfect in every respect.

Kurulus Osman History English

Therefore, for his physical training, great warriors like Abdul Rahman Ghazi and Koh Noor Alf were entrusted with these responsibilities and for spiritual training, he requested Sheikh Adeeb Ali. So Adib Ali played the role of Osman’s mentor.

Real Osman Ghazi Life Style

Osman was a brave and wise ruler. used to do justice His life was simple and he never accumulated wealth. He used to distribute the booty among the poor and needy and after extracting the share of the poor, he used to distribute it among the soldiers.

He was generous, compassionate, and hospitable. Because of these qualities, even today Turks take his name with respect. And after that, it became customary that whenever a king sat on the throne, the sword of Osman was tied to his waist. And it was said that God would create qualities like Osman in him.

After the conquest of its capital Konya by the Mongols and the end of the Sanjuk Empire, Osman’s domain became independent, which was later called the Ottoman Empire. There was a government known as the Roman Empire during the Arab era, which was made obligatory by the Sanjukis during the reign of Alp Arslan and Malik Shah.

Ottoman Empire History

And now this kingdom had become very weak and small but still, it was very big and powerful compared to Osman Khan’s domain. The battle started in Uthman showed great bravery and great ability in battles and conquered many areas including the famous city of Bursa.

Osman’s capital was his city, but after the victory of the heirs, he declared it the capital. The four rivers seen were the Tigris River, the Euphrates River, the Nile River, and the Danube River, and the four mountains were Mount Taur, Mount Balkan, Mount Qaf, and Mount Atlas. Later, during the time of Osman’s descendants, the Ottoman Empire spread to these rivers and these mountains.

Osman Ghazi Dream

Therefore, this dream was actually a prophecy about the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. Constantinople means the city of present-day Istanbul. Osman Ghazi could not conquer, but Sultan Muhammad Fatih, the seventh Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, conquered Constantinople in 1453 at the age of only 21 years and ended the Christian Byzantine Empire forever. After that, Constantinople 1923. Dar al-Haq was the caliphate of the Ottoman Empire

Kurulus Osman History In Urdu

After Uthman, there were great kings among his descendants who made his dream come true. In the history of Islam, no family ruled for as long as the rule of Uthman, and no other dynasty produced rulers equal to Uthman. Hoy Osman Khan Ghazi ruled from September 27, 1999 to August 21, 1326.

Mughal Empire Vs Ottoman Empire
Mughal Empire Vs Ottoman Empire

Osman Ghazi Death Date And Year

 He died on August 21, 1324, at the age of sixty-five, and was buried in Harasa, which was the capital of his empire at the time and is now the capital of Bursa, a city in northwestern Turkey and the province of Bursa, the Ottoman Empire he built. In the history of Islam, which lasted from 1299 to 1922, no family ruled as long as the rule of Al-Uthman, and no other family had rulers equal to that of Al-Uthman.

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