Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Family Tree

We Will Talk About the Family Tree Of Conquer Of Jerusalem Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi Who Is Considered To Be The Best Sultan And Commander In Every Age And Who Preferred Peaceful Conquests Rather Than Bloodshed And That Is Why His Enemies Were Also Compelled To Praise Him.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Was Born In 1137 AD In Tikrit City Of Iraq The City Was Under Abbasid Rule At That Time His Full Name Was “Al-Nasir Salahuddin Yusuf Ibne Ayyub”.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Belonged To A Kurdish Family His Father’s Name Was “Najm Uddin Ayyub”. And His Uncle’s Name Was “Asad Uddin Shirkoh”. Both Were Highly Ranked Military Commanders In The Zangid Empire.

Who Was Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi

Viewers, All The Ayyubid Rulers Of City Homs Were The Descendents Of Shirkoh Salahuddin’s Grandfather’s Name Was “Shadi Ibne Marwan” This Family Belonged To A Kurdish Tribe Named “Rawadiya”.

Who Lived In Modern Armenia And These People Migrated From Armenia To Tikrit Under The Leadership Of Shadi Ibn Marwan. Salahuddin Got His Basic Education From His Father & Uncle At The Same Time, He Was Very Inspired By Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani.

He Loved Arabs History, Lineages And Had a Great Interest In Arabic Horses He Also Spoke Arabic, Turkish, And Persian Other Than Kurdish As Far As His Fighting Ability Is Concerned,

He Was Very Impressed With His Uncle Shirkoh Who At That Time Was the Zengid Sultan Of Damascus & Aleppo That Is Why He Joined The Zengid Army Under The Control Of His Uncle. However, Many Historians Believe That He Was Much more Interested In Religious Studies Rather Then Joining the Army Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Had Four Brothers The Most Important Of Which Was Al Adil I.

Who’s Descendents Ruled Egypt & Damascus For Many Years In Addition To Adil I, From The Descendants Of Noor-Ud-Din And Tughtakin Came Many Sultans Of the Ayubid Dynasty. Turan Shah Was Of the Greatest Importance Because He Ruled Hijaz And Yemen.

That Is, He Became The Governor Of Mecca And Medina Cities. Some Historians Wrote That Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Had 17 Sons As You Can See In The Chart, The Most Important (04) Sons Of Him Are Highlighted.

Who Ruled Ayyubid Dynasty Zangid King Sent Saladin And His Uncle Shirkoh With An Army To The Fatimid Empire. Where A Civil War Was Taking Place Which Was Inviting An External Interference. But After The Death Of Shirkoh On This Front,

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Was Elected As The Direct Commander Of The Zengid Army. And In A Way, He Became The Owner Of Egypt After The Death Of The Last Fatimid Ruler, Al-Adid In 1171 AD Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Overthrew The Fatimid Government In Egypt And Made Alliance With The Abbasids In Baghdad.

Because The Holy Cities Of Hijaz (Makka & Madina) Were Part Of The Dominion Of The Ruler Of Egypt So, These Two Cities Came Under Direct Control Of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi That Is Why, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Sent His Brother Turanshah To Hijaz (Makka & Madina ) As A Governor In 1171 AD In 1174 AD,

The Death Of Nur Ud Din Zengi Opened The Way For Attacks On The Syria Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Married The Widow Of Nur Ud Din, Named “Ismat Ud Din Khatun” And At The Request Of The Governor Of Damascus, He Entered This City As Well. And Thus Captured Syria. Afterward,

In 1175 AD He Conquers Hama And Homs and Sends His Nephew Muzafar I And Cousin Muhammad As Governors There In 1183 AD, He Conquers Aleppo As Well By This Time, His Sultanate Expanded From Euphrates To The Nile River.

Except For The Areas Where The Crusaders Built Strongholds. And Now There Was Only One Purpose In Front Of Him Which Is To Liberate Jerusalem From The Crusaders. However, In 1187 AD He Was Able To Mobilize A Strong Muslim Army On 4 July 1187, Attacked On The Crusader State Of Jerusalem And At Hattin In Palestine, Defeated The Crusader Army Decisively. And Within 3 Months,

Captured The Holy City Of Jerusalem. And Hence Jerusalem Was Liberated From the Crusades After 88 Years By This Time, The Area Of ​Ayyubid Sultanate Was About 20 Lakh Square Kilometers. As A Result Of This Victory,

Jerusalem Was Conquered by Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi

The 3rd Crusade Began But After A Year And A Half Of Fighting, Peace Was Restored In 1192 AD, And the Crusaders Avail No Benefit On March 1193 AD, This Great Warrior Died At The Age of 55 Years. After His Death, His Brothers, Sons, And Nephews Divided His Great Empire Into Different States And Provinces And For Some time There Was No Single Sultan Of This Empire Rather,

Each Sultan Was Controlling His Own Territory. But His Brother Saif Ud Din (Al Adil) Was Successful In Sit On The Throne As One Sultan Means,

He Was The Greatest Of All The Sultans. After Salahuddin’s Death, His Sons Became Sultans Of Different Parts Of The Empire. Like, Aziz Othman In Egypt Al Afdal In Damascus, And Zahir Ghazi Was Sultan Of Aleppo But In 1196 AD,

Al-Afdal Was Replaced By Al-Adil In Damascus Who Was the Brother Of Sultan Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Similarly In 1198 AD, After Aziz, His Son Mansur Was Also Removed By Al Adil And Sit On The Throne Thus, Only In Aleppo Saladin’s Sons Ruled Till The End Of Sultanate.

How Did Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Died

Therefore, Al-Adil Retained All The Powers Till His Death In 1218 AD. But Even After Al-Adil, His Son Ruled In Egypt And Damascus However, Homs, Hama, And Yemen Were Ruled By Other Members Of The Ayyubid Family Who Were The Sons Of Salahuddin’s Other Brothers. In 1250 AD, Al-Adil Ayubid Family In Egypt,

Who Had A Profound Influence In Syria As Well Lost All Of Their Territory To The Mamluks And Was Over Taken By The Mamluks After Which the Sultans Of Damascus Made an Alliance With the Sultans Of Alepp. Damascus And Aleppo Was Later Destroyed By The Armies Of Ghangis Khan Baalbek Ayyubid Had The Same Kind Of Fate And They Were Also Destroyed By The Mongols In 1263 AD,

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Homs And Karak Was Overtaken By The Mamluks Yemen And Hijaz Was Already Overtaken By The Rasulids Of Arab In 1228 AD Up Till 1263AD,

Ayyubids Were Almost Completely Destroyed However, One Branch Of This Family Keep Ruling Till 1341AD And This Branch Was The Sultans Of Hama Which Is Considered To Be The Last Branch Of the Ayyubid Dynasty

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